Waffle Pod



The Waffle Pod Footing system - the future of concrete slab construction is here now!

Key features of the Waffle Pod
Slab System.

  • Less site work/ no trenching
  • Time savings and greater efficiency
  • Lower costs, especially on reactive soil sites
  • Work can continue in adverse weather conditions
  • More accurate specifications of concrete volumes and less wastage
  • Simplicity of construction using interlock components
  • Better insulation from ground and less environmental disturbance.

Why Waffle Pod

The Waffle Pod Footing System is a better way of building concrete slabs for new homes, extensions or commercial buildings.
And the most efficient way to construct Waffle Pod slabs is to use advanced interlocked components, which ensure maximum control of every concrete pour. Waffle Pod Footing System allows more accurate specifications of concrete quantities, reduces waste and provides a substantial boost to building site efficiency.
It has minimal impact on the environment - there is less soil disturbance and no excavated rubble from trenches to dispose of.
The on-ground slab, with air pockets created by the Pods, forms an insulating layer between the structure and the ground.
The Waffle Pod Footing System is the winner of an Engineering Excellence Award from the Institution of Engineers Australia, and complies with all relevant Australian Codes and Standards.


Why Interlock

Interlock Pods and Brackets slot together, locking into place and preventing pods from moving under the pressures of the concrete pours.
The unique self-positioning design of Interlock Pods and brackets means that site preparation is simplicity itself, and ensures a perfect set-up every time.
Pods are laid out in the required positions on site and the brackets-which slide straight into the pre-slotted Pods-lock the complete assembly into position inside the edge of the framework with accurate, correct spacing between all components.
The Brackets are designed so reinforcement bars can be easily rolled or placed into position without any additional fixing.
The brackets also hold the entire Pod assembly firmly in place during the concrete pour, saving time and preventing unwanted movement of the Pods.The unique design and location of the interlock Brackets allow an unrestricted flow of concrete through all intersecting ribs, maintaining maximum slab strength. Click here to see a pictorial of the installation of a Waffle Pod Slab.
Click here to see the construction and reinforcement details for installing a Waffle Pod Slab.